The Project

EU SMART Composer

Erasmus + Programme


The challenge

Society has changed significantly over the past decade. Music students learn from their VET Music Educators harmony, creative techniques to compose new music etc during their studies at Music Institutions. Composers are expected to meet with orchestras, ensembles etc interested in commissioning a piece of music. Due to the new modes of exploitation and funding issues of commissioners, an update of the skills is needed in order to have a sustainability of composers projects and their employability. 

VET Music Educators are essential in the process of the training and subsequent introduction into employment of Music students. VET Music Educators have to be equipped with knowledge, technical competencies, hard and soft skills and practicals tools to meet the new challenges. They demand a methodology to support music students to improve their employability in this new labour market.

The Objectives

The objectives of EU SMART Composers are:


1. To develop a methodology to support VET Music Educators in their teaching to music students who compose new music.


2. To enable VET Music Educators to gain new skills in branding, entrepreneurship and digital marketing for composers that will enrich their professional life and continue their professional development.


3. To create a practical tool to facilitate VET Music Educator-Music Students knowledge transfer to improve their employability.

The profiles at a glance

The participants

VET Music Educators (teachers, trainers, mentors and leaders): Who develop their professional career in Musical Institutions (Orchestras, Conservatories, Universities, Schools…) and Independently (private tutors).

Music Institutions: Orchestras, Conservatories, Universities, Schools…

Music Students: New Music Composition Students, Music Performance/Conducting students who compose new music.


The activities


The methodology

Based in the S.M.A.R.T. (Specific, Measurable, Action-oriented, Realistic with Timelines) Model to Define Career Goals and Tried-and-true goal-setting model for music education, EU SMART Composer methodology supports VET Music Educators in their teaching to music students who compose new music and it is designed to face the new labor market requirements.

EU SMART Composer methodology is graduated and adapted to the different backgrounds and contexts of Europe (big cities, rural areas, conservatories, schools…) of Music Students.

Methodology to Solve Real Problems

Development Of Skills In


For composers


For composers

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