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European Study Report

We are pleased to announce the publication of the ‘European Study Report and Competence Framework‘ in the framework of the Eusmart Composer project. This final report provides a comprehensive and detailed overview of the results of our extensive research. It highlights key advances and findings within the scope of the project, providing a solid basis for future initiatives and developments.


We invite our community to explore this significant document, which marks an important milestone in our ongoing commitment to innovation and excellence in new music composition education.


This report serves as a valuable resource for VET Music Educators, providing insights and frameworks to enhance the training and employability of student composers in the contemporary music landscape.


Key aspects of the report include:

  1. Desk Research and Methodology: The report begins with a detailed desk research, exploring the current state of VET Music Education in entrepreneurship, digital marketing, and branding. It examines both formal and informal educational experiences that equip student composers with entrepreneurship skills.

  2. Quantitative and Qualitative Research: The project conducted qualitative interviews with VET Music Education experts and quantitative surveys with Project and Education Managers. This dual approach was used to address the lack of pre-existing data on entrepreneurship, digital marketing, and branding competencies in VET Music Education.

  3. Findings and Insights: The research revealed that classical music students often lack training in innovation and entrepreneurship. Training in these areas across Europe is limited, with only a few institutions offering relevant courses. The report emphasizes the need for practice-based VET training that enhances students’ diverse skills and project management abilities.

  4. Competence Framework Development: Based on the research findings, a Competence Framework for VET Music Educators was developed. This framework includes a collection of Good Practice Case Studies and is presented in accordance with the project’s Tools and Research Templates.

  5. Entrepreneurship in Music Education: The report highlights that entrepreneurship for music composers is not just about starting a business but involves creating social and economic benefits through innovative and responsive engagement with society.

  6. Recommendations for VET Music Educators: The report suggests that VET Music Educators should be equipped to inform students about all competencies discussed, helping them develop various levels of competence. Collaboration with experts in specific competencies is encouraged to address skill deficits.

  7. Future Directions: The report concludes with a call for VET Music Educators to prepare students for the changing landscape of the music industry, emphasizing the need for knowledge and competence in various skills and the importance of an entrepreneurial mindset.

Erasmus + program 2020-1-SE01-KA202-077931


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