EU SMART Composer: Empowering Music Education for Employability | Erasmus+ Project Update

We are entering the final stretch of the project with important new developments.

First of all, we are happy that the project has been extended in time and we will be able to further develop our methodology and tools.

Secondly, we would like to tell you about our transt¡national meeting that took place on the 4th and 5th of May in Cáceres (Spain).


As you know, EU SMART Composer is a biannual Erasmus + project that is developing a practical tool to facilitate knowledge transfer between music teachers and their students to improve their employability.

The international consortium behind EU SMART Composer consists of Coompanion Göteborg ek. för (Sweden), the coordinating entity, Consorzio Materahub Industrie Culturali e Creative (Italy), Abbaye aux Dames – La cite musicale-Saintes (France), Le Laba (France), RESEO– European Network for Opera and Dance Education (Belgium) and Wazo Coop -Social cooperative (Spain).

From September 12th to 17th we held our LTTA in the impressive city of Matera (Italy), each organization we had the pleasure to invite several people from our different countries to receive the training that we had finished developing and defining in our previous Transnational meeting, held in Saintes (France).

Our guests (trainees) were going to become a fundamental element of our project, since their relationship with musical composition, their professional background and their different points of view, would be decisive to improve our methodology.

Since then we have had multiple online working sessions where we started to prepare our practical tool in the form of a transmedia manual. Our meeting in Caceres was the ideal place to finish defining our objectives.

First of all, WAZO COOP hosted us in the wonderful city of Caceres (in Extremadura), a place full of heritage and cultural life. Wazo is also in charge of the communication of the project, and was able to present to the other partners the results achieved by EU SMART COMPOSER on the website and social networks.

There was also space to talk about the event that would take place the next day (the Meet Up of Cultur Coop, a project developed by Wazo Coop and funded by the Spanish Ministry of Culture). In this event EU SMART COMPOSER, would be presented as an example of good practice and would be the ideal place to hold the Multiplier Event in Spain.

COOMPANION was in charge of leading the meeting, and we had the opportunity to make an exhaustive review of our achieved objectives and the work that is still in progress. COOMPANION also gave us the good news that we will have a final EU SMART COMPOSER event in September in Goteborg (Sweden).

MATERAHUB, on the other hand, informed us about the latest developments of the transmedia manual, where they informed us about the progress in the drafting of the manual, the innovative ideas they have on how to turn it into a useful and effective transmedia tool.

RESEO was in charge of facilitating a coherence between our first steps (the framework) and the manual, so that all the competences we consider essential are materialised in the final tool.

ABBAYE AUX DAMES and LE LABA, were in charge of including the learning acquired by all of us during the training period we developed in Matera, making sure that the training modules had space and weight in the manual.


Our next steps are to finalise the development and publication of the handbook, as well as to hold various multiplier events in our home countries.

We will also have the opportunity to meet again in September in Gothenburg (Sweden) for our final event!







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