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EUSMARTComposer Webinars for young composers

EU SMART Composer is an Erasmus+ programme to develop a methodology to support VET Music Educators in their teaching to music students who compose new music.

EU SMART Composer practical tool will facilitate VET Music Educator-Music Students knowledge transfer to improve their employability.

Smart Composer is a two-year strategic partnership project funded by the Erasmus+ programme that brings together six European partners to explore music education and composition methodologies for educators as well as the branding, digital marketing and entrepreneurship skills that are necessary for young composers today.

Society has changed significantly over the past decade. Music students study harmony and creative techniques to compose new music during their studies at music institutions, while composers are expected to meet with orchestras and ensembles etc interested in commissioning a piece of music.

The Smart Composer project aims to help composers upskill in order to foster their employability and the sustainability of their projects.

The Entrepreneurial Mindset

Wednesday 8 June 14:00 – 15:30 CET

The first webinar in the EU SMART Composer series, hosted by RESEO (Belgium) and Wazo Coop (Spain), will examine the concept of composer entrepreneurs and their motivation. Participants will hear composer and activist Marta Lozano Molano share her experience of pioneering composer entrepreneurship in Spain, and will examine how the Social Economy Model of enterprise could revolutionise our industry to become both more profitable and more sustainable. (Language: English)

Cross-cutting issues: Gender, Inclusion and Climate Change

Wednesday 15th June 14:00 – 15:30 CET

The second webinar in the EU SMART Composer series, presented by MateraHub (Italy) and Coompanion (Sweden), will explore the relationship between entrepreneurship and cross-cutting issues such as inclusion and climate change. Guest speakers Dr. Michelle Phillips from the Royal Northern College of Music (UK) and composer and intendant Bernard Foccroulle (France) will share their experiences of how artist entrepreneurs can engage with these issues, giving participants insight into the opportunities and influences to be sought in a challenging industry. (Language: English)

Networking for Composers

Wednesday 22 June 14:00 – 15:30 CET

The third webinar in the EU SMART Composer series, presented by Le LABA (France) and l’Abbaye aux Dames (France), will highlight networking and its value for contemporary classical composers. In examining cutting-edge theory alongside the practical experiences of composer entrepreneurs, participants will better understand how, where and – crucially – why to network for better opportunities. (Language: English)

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EU SMART Composer in Wazo magazine

The EU SMART Composer project is featured in the latest issue of Wazo Magazine. The magazine’s 32nd issue focuses on projects that promote sustainable development through music and the professionals who make it possible.
One article of the digital magazine is dedicated to EU SMART Composer and it talks about the project, the consortium and the goals it aims to achieve.

Wazo Magazine is the free collaborative magazine of Wazo Coop ISSN 2444-1201.

About Wazo Magazine:

It is a social publication that gives access to professionals from all over the world who contribute on a voluntary basis to its production by contributing articles, in Spanish and English, on Creative and Cultural Industries and on Social and Solidarity Economy.

Wazo Magazine is published quarterly in digital format to reduce the environmental impact and carbon footprint.

You can find out more at this link:


Take part in the research of the Erasmus+ project EU SMART COMPOSER

Are you a Project Manager or Education Manager employed by music institutions, universities, conservatoires, festivals, orchestras, opera companies, ensembles or composer residencies who either a) work with adult student and/or professional composers, and/or b) develop training for student and/or professional composers of contemporary classical music?

If so please make your contribution to the research of EU SMART Composer and take the survey.

(Please note, those working with composers of jazz, pop, film/theatre/TV and game music are outside of the scope of this research, as are projects outside of Europe.)

What Is This Survey About

The survey comprises 24 questions that seek to identify:

  • Entrepreneurial skills that composers need to make them more employable for Project Managers/Education Managers;
  • Specific needs as seen by Project Managers/Education managers that will help composers develop an entrepreneurial spirit, a sense of initiative and active approach towards their cultural action, and an understanding of their business potential and economic viability.

All survey responses will be anonymous.

The outcomes of this study will be made available through the publication of a European Report by the EU Smart Composer Project. They will also be used to create a training and a handbook. Information about all of these outputs is available online at


Research – EU SMART Composer



The Methodology
Based in the S.M.A.R.T. (Specific, Measurable, Action-oriented, Realistic with Timelines) Model to Define Career Goals and Tried-and-true goal-setting model for music education, EU SMART Composer methodology supports VET Music Educators in their teaching to music students who compose new music and it is designed to face the new labor market requirements.

EU SMART Composer methodology is graduated and adapted to the different backgrounds and contexts of Europe (big cities, rural areas, conservatories, schools…) of Music Students.